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General Questions

We support equities, futures, options, forex, cfds, cryptos and cash transactions. We don't support some illiquid options on futures contracts. Futures and options support are limited to some markets such as North America and Europe. Here are some important observations.

  • Equities: Equities from all over the world are supported.
  • Options: we support options for any market where the multiplier is 100. For more information, visit our extended options trading journal guide
  • Forex: All pairs are supported. If you are adding your trades manually, don't add the quantity as units, instead use quantity of 1 for 100000 units.
  • Cfds: Only if you add them using your broker exported .csvs.
  • Cryptos: Only cryptos up to 8 decimals long are supported. Leveraged crypto contracts aren't supported, but all other spot and perpetual contracts are supported. We don't convert your crypto to a base currency. If you trade in multiple currencies, your results will be in multiple currencies.
  • Futures: We support futures contracts listed on main US exchanges as well as popular ones in Europe, India and Brazil. Reach out if you need to add contracts for a specific exchange.

There are multiple ways to import your trades including manual entries, template csv, broker csv and auto sync via api.

We support auto-sync (api) from the following brokers (click on the broker for details):

We support file imports from the following brokers (click on the broker for details):

If you don't find your broker here, please send us a sample file without any edits in csv or excel format and we'll try to add it within a business day.

A trading journal helps traders and investors gain insights into their trading behavior, identify patterns, assess the effectiveness of different strategies, and make data-driven improvements to enhance their overall trading performance.

Our trading journal uses your trading data to analyze, measure and monitor your trading performance. With our system, you will be able to make better trading decisions by taking into account statistical evidence of what works.

Our service is used by traders, investors, trading schools, brokers and proprietary firms.

Trademetria is owned by Trademetria Inc, a Wyoming, USA corporation.

Pre-Sale Questions

We work with all major credit cards processed via Paypal or Stripe, global leaders in online payments. We don't store your credit card neither see your full card information.

No, you can cancel the service anytime through our system. You can cancel your account by going to your Plans and Billings page. There will be a cancel button at the bottom of your chosen plan. When you downgrade, your plan will be active until your billing cycle ends.

During our free trial, users have the opportunity to thoroughly test all features with up to 200 page views before committing to a subscription. We are confident that this extensive trial experience offers enough information for making an informed purchasing decision. Upon subscription, refunds will only be issued in cases where coding errors, which cannot be resolved by our team after notification, continue to persist. Additionally, full refunds will be made to users who upgrade their plan from a basic plan to a pro plan within 7 days from their initial purchase or billing anniversary date. Pro-rated refunds will be given to users who wish to upgrade from a yearly basic plan to a pro yearly plan.

No, we don't sell your trading data and never will. Our goal is to help users improve their performance period. Learn more about the founder and our privacy policy and get in touch if you still have concerns about your data.

Please refer to our pricing page for more details.

You have access to all features during your trial until you visit 200 pages. You can only import up to 300 orders during the trial. After that, you'll be on the free plan with limited features. Nothing happens to the data already imported.

Get in touch with us or open an account to access a comprehensive help section with video tutorials.

Pre-sale Questions for Managers

A performance oriented approach that lets your traders analyze their trading performance and track every cent that goes in and out of their accounts. Learn more about Trademetria for managers.

Yes, we can create your own version of Trademetria with your logo and a custom url. Our software is hosted at state of the art hosting facilities around the world.

Yes, we can track trading costs to the cent as long as you know these costs. You can also track deposits, withdrawals, dividends, splits, platform fees and any costs involved in your trading business.

No, services are prepaid and can be canceled at anytime.

It depends on several factors and implementations desired. Please contact us with the number of users you wish to start.

System related questions

Once you open an account, go to our help page to find video tutorials and additional system help.