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All in one trading journal, portfolio tracker, back office and trade analytics for traders and investors.

Can you answer these questions without a trading journal?


What patterns are killing your performance?

Are you making more money going long or short? Are you letting your profits run? Are your stops too tight? Are you respecting your daily limits? Are you holding on to losers? Instant insights to improve your performance.


What is your best trading strategy?

Are you losing money for being indisciplined? Tag your trades with your strategies and discover what strategies are most/least profitable. Go further and see metrics by strategy, mistake or trading account.


What assets are most/least profitable?

Why trade assets that you consistently lose? Why are you not sizing up on your biggest winners? Trading intelligence that can help you become better and consistent.


When do you make more money?

Are you making more money in the first hour? Are you losing money on Fridays? How much? Do you give profits back in the afternoon? Do you make more money on down trends, up trends or consolidation market cycles?


How's your month looking?

Do you over trade when you are having a bad day? Are you reaching your daily and monthly goals you set for yourself? View your trading results in a stunningly beautiful way and get the confidence you need to size up or the evidence to slow down.


What happened during the flash crash of 2019?

Access your notes about your emotions, mistakes, trading events that happened in the past and use them to your benefit when they happen again. Compatible with any device. Accessible from anywhere.

More Features & Benefits

Portfolio tracker & watchlists

Fed up with juggling logins across multiple brokers to track your portfolio? Our system streamlines everything, consolidating your portfolio on one screen. Plus, keep tabs on your favorite assets through watchlists.

Trading journal

Say goodbye to those cumbersome trading spreadsheet. Embrace our fully searchable WYSIWYG HTML editor, which allows you to effortlessly record your trading events, complete with unlimited storage for trading-related images.

Easy imports and syncs

Multiple import options available (manual entries, csv template, broker files and auto imports via api). We work with 140+ platforms and brokers from all corners of the world.

Account customization

Set account goals, add your own commissions, custom fees, adjustments and have full control of your trading business per account or altogether.

Fundamental Research

Research financial information, earning dates, charts and company profile from 20+ world exchanges. Powered by Trading View.

Multi Markets

Trading journal suitable for stocks, futures, options, forex, cdfs, cryptos and other markets. Visit our help page for a full list of supported assets.

Share your trades

Share your trades and metrics with your mentor or community and bring extra accountability to your business.

Track deposits, withdrawals and more

Track your broker fees, dividends, deposits, withdrawals, platform fees, you name it. Trademetria is also an accounting system, but made for traders and investors.

Build your own system

Powerful REST API to create custom applications or seamlessly showcase your statistics on your website or application.

Mass Editing Tools

Delete, add, edit trades in batch. Type data just like an excel spreadsheet.

Merge options spreads

Monitor outcomes for individual legs and spreads. Generate spread-specific reports to uncover your best performing options strategies.

Robust Settings

Choose among dark, white or build your own theme. Customize journal templates, default language, report formats, language, filter settings and more.

An array of trading metrics

Profit factor, expectancy, holding times, win rate, daily win rate, long/short ratios, averages, projections, totals and many more.

Entry and exit points on a chart

See a chart with your entry and exit points of single or multiple trades for the day or a particular asset. Great for scalpers or swing traders.

Image journal

Don't like to type? Upload your trading related images and have your own searchable image database.

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