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How to import your TradeZero trades

Two ways to import:

Real Accounts:

Must use the Trade Reporting tool to generate the .csv file. Import instructions

  • Login to TradeZero client portal and select �Check My account�
  • Select �History� tab to access �Trading History�.
  • Define date range as required.
  • Click on the �Excel� logo to download the spreadsheet. It will download a .csv file.
  • Import file using the TradeZero Pro option.

Here is the beginning of a sample file


Simulator accounts:

To export, go to Order History, right-click in the window and choose Export to File. Your excel file must have all the columns below in any order:

Last Time,Symbol, Action,AvgPrice,Status,Executed,ClOrdID

If you want to import your locate fees, import your cash journal file after you import your trades. Locates will be added to the first short trade of the day. Be careful uploading locates. It cannot be undone and you'll need to wipe out your trades, re-upload them in case you make a mistake or add the fees twice.

Trading Journal Benefits

More features
View your past performance anytime

The ultimate trade tracker. Track your trades by: Date (e.g. all trades from 2018-2019). Instruments (e.g. all trades on AAPL, ESZ16, EURUSD). Strategies (e.g. all breakout trades, verticals, condors). Swing trade, day trade, instrument rankings over time and more.

Portfolio Tracker & Watchlists
Trading journal features for the most diligent trader

Beautiful layout and usability to monitor your progress including: Individual trade and daily journal entries. Image attachments and full WYSIWYG HTML editor. Search, filter and share your entries. Auto fills your entries with vital trading statistics.

Easy imports
Reduce your research time

Best in class, fully featured customizable charts. Automatically displays your buy and sell entry points on daily, 1 minute and 5 minute charts. Charts work with more than 2500 US equities, most foreign equities, FX and most futures contracts.

Account customization
Know your risks before, during and after you place a trade

Proven risk management metrics to help you trade better. Set your stops and targets and track how close you are from them. Auto plots your stops and targets on a chart. View your risk in terms of Dr. Van Tharp's R-multiples.

Fundamental Research
Run simulations on your trades

Arm yourself with statistical evidence of what's really working. Run simulations on your past trades to discover areas of improvement. Find the best set of trading conditions to trade. Save simulations for further exploration.

Multi Markets
Multi Markets

Trading journal suitable for stocks, futures, options, forex and other markets. Visit our help page for a full list of supported instruments.

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