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Six features to boost your options trading performance today

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Expire/assign contracts

Some brokers don't export expired/assigned contract trades, but you can use our tools to expire/assign them.

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Auto-plot entry/exit points on a chart

Underlying chart will show you where you bought and sold your contracts.

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Exclusive options filters

Search by underlying, strike price, expiration date and strategy and ditch your excel spreadsheet for good.

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Add options trades manually

Don't have your broker's records, papertrading? No problem, add your options trades manually and benefit from the same features we offer to our brokers.

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Track adjustments

Track every cent that goes in and out of your options trading account. For top brokers, we'll show you what adjustments such as withdrawals, deposits and dividends have been made to your account.

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Rank your best anything

Rank your best/worst strategies, instruments, market conditions, times to trade and discover what areas of your trading need improvement.

Import from most options trading brokers including:


Interactive Brk







Ally Invest

Trade Zero


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can track spreads using tags. Thinkorswim users can track spreads and strategies automatically. Sample questions we can answer: How much did I make on GOOGL iron condors? Our metrics will take into account individual legs, not the result of the combined spread.

More or less. Depends on the broker. Please reach out as this feature is constantly being updated.

We'll expire options automatically for some brokers. You can also auto expire and assign your contracts via our auto expiration / assign feature. Rolls can be done manually.

We can add your broker, if it's not listed here.

Yes, most features we offer for options traders can be seen in our compreenhensive options trading journal post.

We only offer delayed quotes for equities, popular commodities contracts, indexes, forex and cryptos.

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