Why Trademetria Works: A 3 billion dollar case study


We recently did a case study with one of our top clients to demonstrate how important the use of data is when making trading decisions. For this case study, we used the following data points:

  • 240,000 orders analyzed.
  • 3 billion dollars traded.
  • 100,000,000.00+ shares / contracts traded.
  • 70 days worth of data.
  • 1 outlier removed.
  • At least 20 traders used for each group.

By taking into account the data points above, we queried our transaction database to prove what we already knew: Trademetria works!


  • Traders who didn’t use Trademetria at all or used very sporadically lost $203 on average.
  • Traders who somewhat used Trademetria earned about $23 on average.
  • Traders who used Trademetria consistently earned $30 on average.
  • Traders who used Trademetria on a daily basis earned $350 on average.

A few conclusions based on these results:

  1. Traders who use Trademetria make money, while traders that don’t, lose money.
  2. Power users earn 15.2x ($350/$23) more than those that somewhat used.
  3. Knowing what works statistically and trading according to data pays off.

Here is what our client had to say about using Trademetria:

“Data doesn’t lie. It is clear that Trademetria brings positive results. The cost of the system pays itself many times over with the additional profits earned by our traders.”

Get in touch with us and see for yourself the benefits Trademetria can bring to your firm.