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Feature Comparison

When it comes to trading journals and analytics platforms, two names often come up: Trademetria and TradeZella. Both tools offer robust features for traders looking to analyze their performance and improve their strategies. Choosing one over another really depends on your trading style and needs. Our review is based off of information on Tradezella's website. This is a "best of our knowledge review" that compares key features between these two products.

Track dividends and cash transactions Yes No
Portfolio Tracker Yes No
Multi-currency accounts Yes No
Create your own challenges Yes No
Options spread reports Yes No
Simulator based on past trades Yes No
Goal Tracking Yes No
Free plan Yes No
Support all asset classes Yes No
Mobile app No No
Mentor Features No Yes
Trading Simulator No Yes
Online training No Yes
Price $279/yr $399/yr

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Since 2016, Trademetria has been dedicated to developing trading tools and has seen many trading journals come and go. We believe Tradezella is far away from offering over 2000+ features we've shipped over the years. Get more for less. Start with a free account today.


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