Your own trading back office

We are pleased to announce new features to improve your trading performance and track every aspect of your trading business.

You can now view the average time spent on losing vs winning trades. If you are spending more time holding on to losers, you are not managing risk very well, thus not following your entry and exit rules. Ideally, you want to hold on to winners longer or at least for the same time as your losers. Discover how this metric works by viewing your kpi report. By the way, this is a paid feature.


Another really cool feature is the ability to track any debit or credit that was made to your account. We are no longer just a trading journal. You can now take control of your entire trading business and track every cent that goes in/out of your account.  You can add these charges or credits by going to your import page. This is a free feature.


We also added a bunch of smaller features and enhancements like annual plans, new metrics, new futures contracts and new ways to import your trades to make your experience even better. I hope you enjoy these features and continue to use Trademetria to improve your trading performance.

Our only goal is to help you beat the market. Miss anything? Let us know and we’ll respond asap.