Tradersync vs Trademetria

We created this post for users who wish to use an online trading journal solution that can offer a robust set of features at an affordable price.

In this post, we compare Tradersync vs Trademetria. Both products use a modern interface with plenty of features for all kinds of traders and investors.

Keep in mind that we don’t have an account with Tradersync. This is a “best of our knowledge review”.

Features Trademetria Tradersync
Track multiple accounts Yes Yes
Track adjustments like withdrawals, deposits, platform fees Yes Yes
Set default commission and fees Yes Yes
Trade Tagging Yes Yes
Pnl by instrument Yes Yes
Pnl by time and day Yes Yes
Pnl by market condition Yes Yes
Pnl by trade duration Yes Yes
Pnl Projections Yes Yes
Fundamental data research Yes Yes
Multi-currency  Yes Yes
Advanced statistical reports like MFE/MAE/R No, except for R No, except for R
Trade sharing Yes Yes (with option to choose what to share)
All basic key metrics like profit factor, win rate, etc Yes Yes
Plot orders on chart Yes daily & 5min, 1min charts for equities and fx and some futs contracts Yes daily,  5min, 3min charts for equities.
Real time quotes for open equities positions Yes No
Trading Goals Yes No
GET API (build your own apps) Yes No
Trading Plan No Yes
Stop loss / Target Yes Yes
App No, site is fully responsive Yes
Customize Dashboard Yes Yes
Overall usability (from 1-10) 8 6
Worldwide market support Yes Yes
Strategy Simulator Yes Yes
High-end Plan Price $39.95/mo $79.95/mo

No matter what platform you choose, we are all building products to help you succeed. Pick one asap and get better at trading.

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Post updated on 11-29-2020