Ranking your trading strategies

At Trademetria, you can tag your trades according to the strategy used and discover your best and worst strategies. This feature also helps you backtest new strategies and keep track of the results.

This feature is very important because when you trade, you need to know what strategies have higher probability of profits. Pulling the trigger will be easier and you can trade with more confidence. On the other hand, if a trade appears on a strategy that is not likely to generate profits, you must think twice before entering the trade or not enter at all.

Not knowing your best strategies is a poor trading habit that many traders have. Why? Because it takes lots of work to go over each individual trade and categorize them. At Trademetria, this is super simple, so let’s look at an example:


This trader has tagged almost 90% of his trades so it is safe to say that most of the pnl is trackable by strategy. The best strategy is breakout which accounts for little over $1k profits and 19% of the total profit on 5 trades. By knowing this information, the trader can feel more confident to enter the trade and take more size.

At the bottom of the rank, the trader finds quantifiable proof that when he is indisciplined, he loses money. This might be obvious, but at least he knows how much his bad habit is costing him.

How to tag your trades on Trademetria

To tag your trades, go to “My Trades” and look for the tag icon under options as seen below. The tag icon appears only when you fully close a trade.  You won’t be able to tag trades that don’t have a pnl, because they won’t be taken into account.


For more details on how this report works, watch the video below.

Note: If you use multiple tags on a trade, your % of trackable pnl might go beyond 100%.