How to sync your Mt4 account with Trademetria

how to sync mt4 account with trademetria

Meta trader 4 Sync is finally here!

To sync your MT4 account with trademetria, you must have a pro plan. You can still sync via file uploads using your free or basic plan.

  1. Contact us via our contact page to get your sync credentials. Make sure to include the account number you wish to sync.
  2. Go to Tools, then options.
  3. Select the FTP tab
  4. Fill out the FTP server, username and password that our support team has provided.
  5. Under FTP path, put your account number starting with  “/”.
  6. Check the box “Enable auto publishing of reports via FTP.
  7. Enter the account number you wish to sync.
  8. Set it to refresh it to whatever time you like. If you choose to refresh every 10 minutes, that means MT4 must be running for at least 10 minutes for a file transfer. From our end, we process trades within 15-minute intervals.
  9. Click on the Test button.

If everything goes well, you should see a message under your journal tab that the report was sent to our server successfully.


  • The sync works with demo and real accounts.
  • The sync only fetches trades for the current month. If you want to sync past trades, you can upload the .html file via the import option that we already offer. The system will only upload new trades and will skip duplicates.
  • Wait at least 1 hour for the first fetch to occur.
  • Your MT4 software must be open in order to sync.
  • Only trades that are closed are uploaded. If you have open trades, they will be synced upon closing them.
  • You will have to get in touch with us every time you want to sync a new account.


  1. Don’t share these credentials with anyone.
  2. Your access will be revoked automatically upon subscription cancelation or downgrade.
  3. This is the safest way to sync mt4 accounts with third-party vendors because you don’t share your own mt4 account credentials with us, unlike other syncing methods that ask you to install advisors that can run unsafe/unknown code within your account and without your permission.
  4. MT4 is only sending us an HTML file with your transactions. Safe and simple.