Forex trading journal is now available


If you trade forex, you can now use Trademetria as a forex trading journal. Discover your best pairs, your best forex strategies, write trading diaries, pull up your trading history, trading metrics,  segregate your trading accounts and much more.

How to add trades into your forex trading journal:

  1. Add pairs in the following format: EURUSD without slashes for standard lots, EURUSDMINI for mini lots and EURUSDMICRO for micro lots. Symbol adding is case insensitive so you can also add eurusd.
  2. We can only accept integer lots. Valid lots are 1,2,100 while invalid lots are  0.1, 0.01.
  3. Since we don’t have built-in currency conversion, we can only calculate your pnl in the quote currency. If you add a trade AUDCAD, we’ll calculate your pnl in CAD. If you add a trade in EURUSD, we’ll calculate your pnl in USD. If you mix different quote currency pairs, we’ll calculate your pnl without using currency conversion. See image below for more details.


One standard pip equals to $10, one mini pip equals to 1 and one micro pip equals to $0.10.

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