15 Ways to Upgrade Your Desk for Optimal Trading


An effective and well organized desk is essential for forex trading success. With a volatile forex market, it is beneficial to have a reliable strategy as well as an efficient trading environment. By creating an optimized space, you can promote better focus and performance especially during executions.

Benefits of an optimized trading space

Because of technological advancements, forex trading has created more possibilities and has given traders the opportunity to work from anywhere. When you set up a trading station at home, it is still important to have an efficient trading atmosphere. Here are the best benefits of upgrading your desk:

  • Upgrades in devices or furniture can greatly increase efficiency.
  • A solid office system improves workflow especially during busy trading hours.
  • Forex trading can be stressful. Having an optimal trading space can create a more relaxed and inspired mindset.
  • Productivity is key to accomplishing tasks. By planning a better trading station, you can increase productivity and decrease distractions.
  • Since forex trading is an online career, having a professional setting at home can establish structure. This can lead to lesser emotional attachments to trades.
  • In the long run, an optimal trading space encourages refined skill and quality results.

Optimizing your workspace is a great way to improve output and create a professional trading atmosphere. Aside from having a reliable trading strategy, forex traders must have a great office setup to execute and perform profitable trades. To ensure productivity and efficiency, investing in desk upgrades can make a great difference for both comfort and performance. For successful executions and optimal trading, take a look at 15 valuable desk upgrades you should try:

Invest in a powerful trading computer

The work that goes into an online job like forex trading has much to do with having a reliable trading computer or laptop. From chart analysis to executions, a powerful trading computer is a must-have for seamless trading activities. You will need a powerful and dependable device to avoid lagging and disruptions. Make sure to invest in at least a dual core processor, fast hard drives and top performing RAM. When looking for the right trading computer or laptop, look for a quality brand and get the latest necessary hardware.

Use multiple monitors

An impressive and effective forex trading station will always have multiple monitors. Aside from promoting optimal trading, multiple monitors can also provide an ease of reading incoming data or input of information for your trading journal. You can use these monitors for charts, quotes, news, indicators or chat rooms. Although some traders like to keep things simple, there are also traders who greatly benefit from using multiples screens. When setting up a multi-monitor desk, be sure to have USB or HDMI adapters as well as monitor racks.

Set up superior internet connection

With so much work relying on stable internet, having a powerful connection is vital in a forex trading career. According to Forex Trader Checklist: Top 10 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Home Office, high speed cable internet is needed to have faster data exchange and smooth executions. Even if you will need to end up spending extra, this will be a valuable investment for optimal trading.

Have an excellent desk

To become a better trader, make sure your desk evolves and adapts with your needs. Aside from having storage space, your desk needs to complement your trading plans. If you’ve initially bought a desk that is too big, you may end up inviting more clutter or wasting space in your home office. If you have a smaller desk and would need more monitors, you will need to get a larger sized desk.

Find quality desk chairs

With hours spent online for analysis or executions, it is crucial to use high quality desk chairs. Whether you use your station for solely trading or for recreation, it is important to find a desk chair intended for long term usage. Be sure to always upgrade to ergonomic chairs for comfortable trading sessions.

Go ergonomic

Since forex trading is a desk job, creating an ergonomic trading setup is one of the best upgrades for better health and performance. To eliminate any negative effects of extensive desk work, it is worth investing in ergonomic desk essentials and upgrades like:

  • Incorporating ergonomic computer desk setup
  • Ergonomic mouse and keyboard
  • Anti-glare monitor filters
  • Monitor arms
  • Posture support

Keep a surge protector and a UPS (Uninterrupted power supply)

Power outages cannot be avoided. Because of this, a surge protector and a UPS is a smart upgrade for your trading office. These cost-effective devices can protect your data and computer from sudden power loss or voltage spikes.

Plan a reliable backup system

In a forex trading career, an optimized storage solution means faster computer processing and safekeeping of important files. Whether you go digital or use an external hardware, planning a dependable backup system is great upgrade for data storage. Not to mention, having a backup system promotes file organization and regular digital decluttering.

Opt for smart organization

A clutter-free workspace encourages increased productivity and efficiency. Whether you purchase from the shop or get creative in organizing your space, smart organization can boost workflow. You will need items like drawer or desk organizers, cable wire management tools and paper or file storage.

Have a computer cooling device

Long usage of digital devices can inevitably cause overheating. To avoid any damages or malfunctions from overheating, have a computer cooling system. This can be a built-in or mobile device that can dissipate heat. You may use small desk fans, CPU cooling fan or a laptop cooler.

Anti-digital eye strain environment

Digital eye strain is one of the most common health concerns of forex traders. Because of this, it is important to upgrade your work habits or systems to achieve optimal eye health. Here are top tips you can apply to prevent digital eye strain:

  • Apply proper computer and eye level distance. Around 20-30 inches is suggested.
  • Adjust your computer display settings to lessen eye strain.
  • Research and practice eye exercises for eye relief.
  • Make a habit to look away from the screen every 20 minutes. You may follow the 20-20-20 rule.

Place “de-stressors”

Forex trading requires the right mental outlook especially during stressful trades. To improve forex trading experience, place objects that help reduce stress. This may seem like a simple upgrade but this can be very beneficial for forex traders who need relief or inspiration in the middle of work. Doing this also enables you to customize your workspace and make it your own.

Take a look at gaming devices

Gamers similarly spend long hours online and in front of the screen. Over the years, advanced technology in gaming has become readily available for optimizing the experience of long term trading computer usage. Because of this, powerful gaming gadgets like gaming lights and keyboards can be used to optimize forex trading experience as well.

Regularly replace and upgrade worn out devices

Replacing and upgrading devices you constantly use is an effective way to improve productivity. Keeping your hardware or devices up-to-date with the latest technology is beneficial for continual optimizing of workflow. If you find yourself using a tablet more often for breaking news or analysis, would it be time for an upgrade?

Be prepared to go mobile

Being able to trade from anywhere is a great advantage of being a forex trader. Whether for travel or sudden emergencies, it is always a good idea to prepare a mobile forex trading office. For an efficiency upgrade and convenience, make sure to also plan a mobile trading office.

Investing in an effective trading station is a great way to promote optimal trading. Despite the benefits of working from home, it is crucial to still create the ultimate working space. For long term success, having a comfortable and organized area for trading can inspire quality output. Whether you are a novice or a veteran trader, the benefits of always improving your workstation can mean better trades and more productive trading sessions. For a more professional and efficient office, make sure to always opt for quality and continue to upgrade your trading environment.

This post is written by Titan FX. Titan FX is a foreign exchange, metal and commodities broker serving both institutional and retail clients across the globe. Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Titan FX offers an advanced, technology based approach to online trading – with ultra tight spreads, no-requotes, full ECN execution, absolute transparency and the latest trading platform technology.