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How to create a trading plan on Trademetria

How to create a trading plan

Creating a trading plan is a crucial step towards becoming a successful trader. A trading plan outlines your goals, strategies, and risk management techniques. It helps you stay focused, disciplined, and objective when making trading decisions. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to create an effective trading plan on Trademetria.

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Win rate vs Expectancy: Which is better?

Trading Expectancy vs Trading Win Rate

Beware of traders who say their win rate is x or y% because win rate doesn’t give a complete picture of someone’s trading performance…at all. Win rate is simply the percentage of trades that net gains. On the other hand, expectancy takes into account the average size of gains and losses giving you a better picture of a trader’s performance. In this post, we’ll explain both metrics and why they matter in understanding how good a trading strategy really is.

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Marketech Trading Journal

If you are looking for a trading journal that is compatible with Marketech Australia, look no further! We are happy to announce that our trading journal now supports files from Marketech, one of the best brokers for individual traders. To import your trades, visit the import page and follow the instructions below:

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How to treat trading as a business

Running a trading business is definitely simpler than most businesses out there. No physical location, no employees, no inventory (besides capital) and the sky is really the limit to growth. Because it’s so easy to start, it’s also easy to get sloppy in managing it leading to an early close. The benefits of treating your trading as a business are many, most importantly, you’ll get better results. Does a CEO of a company look at only sales numbers at the end of the day to measure the success of his/her business? No, lot’s of variables are taken into account to know the health of the business and most importantly, how to increase sales. Unfortunately, most traders only care about profits and losses.

In this post, I’ll go over a couple of important aspects of a trading business so that you can treat your trading like one.

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The importance of the trading simulator and how to properly transition to a real account

Trading on a simulator

Among the questions I receive often, the most frequent is: “When do I know when to trade on a real account and risk real money?”

Many people don’t even want to try to practice in the simulator before starting trading a real account, thus risking money they can’t afford to lose, with the illusion that their account will grow. I call this an inconsequential attitude!

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